Class X

Download CBSE textbooks for 10th class in PDF form. All subjects of middle class like maths, science, social science (History, Geography and Political science).

CBSE Class 10th Prep Guide for Science, Math And Social Science Subjects

History: India and the Contemporary World – II

Geography: Contemporary India – II

Political Science: Democratic Politics Part – II

Economics: Understanding Economic Development

Science: Class 10th

Maths: Class 10th


chapter-1-Real Numbers
chapter-3-Pair of Linear Equations in two variables
chapter-4-Quadratic Equation
chapter-5-Arithmetic Progression
chapter-7-Coordinate Geometory
chapter-8-Introductin to Trigonometry
chapter-9-Some application of Trigonometry
chapter-12-Area related to Circles
chapter-13-Surface area and volumes


chapter-1-Chemical Reactions and Equations
chapter-2-Acids-Bases and Salts
chapter-3-Metals and Non-Metals
chapter-4-Carbon and its Compounds
chapter-5- Periodic Classification of Elements
chapter-6-Life Processes
chapter-7-Control and Coordination
chapter-8-How do Organisms Reproduce
chapter-9-Heredity and Evolution
chapter-10-Light – Reflection and Refraction
chapter-11-Human Eye and Colourful World
chapter-13-Magnetic Effects of Electric Current
chapter-14-Sources of Energy
chapter-15-Our Environment
chapter-16-Management of Natural Resources

Social Science (Civics)

Chapter-1-Power Sharing
Chapter-3-Democracy and Diversity
Chapter-4-Gender Religion and Caste in Politics
Chapter-5- Popular Struggles and Movements
Chapter-6-Political Parties
Chapter-7-Outcomes of Democracy
Chapter-8-Challenges to Democracy

Social Science (Economics)

Chapter-2- Sectors of the Indian Economy
Chapter-3-Money and Credit
Chapter-4-Globalisation and the Indian Economy
Chapter-5-Consumer Rights

Social Science (Geography)

Chapter-1-Resources and Development
Chapter-2-Forest and Wildlife Resources
Chapter-3-Water Resources
Chapter-5-Minerals and Energy Resources
Chapter-6-Manufacturing Industries
Chapter-7-Lifelines of National Economy

Social Science (History)

Chapter-1-The Rise of Nationalism in Europe
Chapter-2-The Nationalist Movement in Indo – China
Chapter-3-Nationalism in India
Chapter-4-The Making of a Global World
Chapter-5-The Age of Industrialisation
Chapter-6-Work Life and Leisure
Chapter-7-Print Culture and The Modern World
Chapter-8-Novels Society and History