SSC CGL Tier I Exam – 45 Days Study Plan

SSC CGL is one of the most sought after exam in India that is conducted by SSC and is immensely famous amongst the aspirants across the nation due to attractive SSC CGL salary structure. This makes it tougher than other competitive exams as the competition is fierce and minimum criteria of graduation makes it a mix of students from every stream to fight for their dream job.

SSC CGL Exam 2018 is approaching and it is the right time to fasten your seat belts. This is a very crucial time for every candidate who is going to appear for this Exam. We hope you qualify the SSC CGL eligibility criteria and are preparing for the exam. We are sure you would be looking for useful advice for your preparation

First, let’s discuss the SSC CGL Exam Pattern
SSC Graduate Level exam comprises two stages:

  • Tier – I Exam
  • Tier – II Exam

The weight age of Tier – I and Tier – II exams is 200 Marks and 400 Marks respectively so plan for the exam is according to the pattern & syllabus of SSC. Remember that there is no Section wise Cut Off in this Exam.

Today we are going to discuss Tier – I Exam which includes four sections i.e.

Section Subject No of Question Max Mark Exam Duration
1 General Intelligence and Reasoning 25 50 60 minutes
2 General Awareness 25 50
3 Quantitative Aptitude 25 50
4 English Comprehension 25 50
Total 100 200


  • There is a negative marking of 0.5 marks in all sections.
  • The duration of exam is 80 minutes for candidates who are visually handicapped.
  • Normalization: Marks scored by candidates in Tier-I and Tier-II examinations, if conducted in multiple shifts, will be normalized and such normalized scores will be treated as final and will be used for qualifying the candidates to next stage of examination and to determine final merit.

A minimum of 10 hours should be put in daily for the preparation of the SSC CGL Tier I Exam.
Daily Section-wise Allocation:

Section Daily Duration
Reasoning 2 Hours
Mathematics 4 Hours
English Language 2 Hours
General Awareness 2 Hours
Total Time 10 Hours

SSC CGL Tier I Section-wise Preparation Strategy
The only way to prepare well for this section is practice. A daily and dedicated practice of problems relevant to the topics is the only key here. You can also expect problems related to non-verbal reasoning.

For this section, you will need to focus on Algebra, Geometry, Coordinate Geometry, Trigonometry, and Mensuration.

English Language
For the English Language section, you will need to really brush up on your knowledge of English Grammar. Fluency in Spoken English will be of little importance for this exam, as compared to knowledge in English Grammar.
To prepare for this section, develop the habit of reading a lot. Read English newspapers daily, and some good English works, magazines, editorials, etc. Reading regularly will improve your vocabulary, your reading speed, your ability to grasp & understand the language, and your grammar. You should also read as many SSC CGL previous year question paper to know the pattern of the exam.

General Awareness
Like mentioned already, for this section, keep your focus on important topics, and not on the entire subjects or areas.

Area wise time allocation –

Area Total Number Of Days
Current Affairs 5 Days
History 10 Days
Geography 5 Days
Economics 5 Days
Polity 5 Days
Science 10 Days
Miscellaneous 5 Days
Total Number Of Days 45 Days

Area wise important topics

Ancient Medieval Modern
Indus Valley Civilization Delhi Sultanate Major Battles
Buddhism & Jainism Religious Movements in 15th & 16th Centuries European Penetration & British Conquest in India
Mauryans Mughal Dynasty India – Cultural & Social Awakening
Post Mauryans Kingdoms Later Mughals The Great Revolt of 1857
Gupta Period Maratha State Indian National Congress
Nationalist Movement
Struggle of Swaraj
India – Governor Generals


Earth Movement Volcanoes Atmosphere
Earth Interiors Earthquakes Winds
Latitude & Longitude World Facts – Continents Oceans & Ocean Current
The Solar System India – River India – Physical Features
India – Agriculture India – Soils Indian Forests
India – Transportation India – Mineral Resources


The Indian Constitution – Framing, Sources, Part & Schedules Supreme Court & Hight Court Vidhan Sabha & Vidhan Parishad
Citizenship Attorney Genral of India Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha
President Comptroller Auditor General Governer
Vice President Prime Minister Parliamentary Funds
Emergency in India Commissions Bills
Panchyat Article 370 Writs

Here are the 45 Days Plan, we will provide quizzes and notes follow this study plan and remain updated with daily provided quizzes & notes. Study Accordingly.

Date Mathematics Reasoning English General Awareness
10 June Problems on Interest Previous Year Questions Idioms & Phrases,Vocab Biology – Cell
11 June Percentage Previous Year Questions Fill ups,Vocab Biology- Botany
12 June Ratio And Proportion Analogy Spelling Correction, vocab Biology-Respiratory system
13 June Average Alphabetical Series, One word Substitution Biology- Digestive System, Diseases
14 June Allegation and mixture Pattern completion Synonyms, Vocab Biology- Circulatory System
15 June Profit and loss Ranking Cloze Test, vocab Biology-Excretory System, Diseases
16 June Revision Or clear the back logs Revision Or clear the back logs Revision Or clear the back logs Revision Or clear the back logs
17 June Time, Distance and Speed Syllogism Error Detection, vocab Biology-Human blood, minerals and vitamins
18 June Number System Ranking Spelling Correction, Tips For Vocab Chemistry-Matter, Pure Substance
19 June Simplification Sequence (Acc. to Dictionary) Sentence Rearrangement,vocab Chemistry-Atoms and Molecules
20 June Simplification Misc. Quiz Misc. Quiz Chemistry-Radio activity
21 June Trains And Streams Blood relations One word Substitutions,Vocab Chemistry-Acid and Base
22 June Time & work, work and wages Directions Sense Synonyms, vocab Chemistry-Periodic table
23 June Revision Or clear the back logs Revision Or clear the back logs Revision Or clear the back logs Revision Or clear the back logs
24 June Pipes and cistern Alphanumeric Series Idioms & Phrases Physics- Physical Quantities
25 June Data Interpretation Coding Decoding Direct Indirect, vocab Physics-Motion
26 June Data Interpretation Mirror And water image Spelling Correction, vocab Physics-Work And Energy
27 June Ages Non-Verbal Misc. Quiz Physics-Electromagnetism, Electricity
28 June Quadratic Equation Odd One Out Cloze Test,vocab Physics-Magnetism, Gravitation
29 June Algebraic Identities Non-Verbal Antonyms Physics-Optics
30 June Revision Or clear the back logs Revision Or clear the back logs Revision Or clear the back logs Revision Or clear the back logs
1 July Co-ordinate Geometry Mathematical Calculations Error Detection Physics- Heat
2 July Practice Odd One Out) Idioms & Phrases Polity-History and making of constitution
3 July Practice Misc. Quiz Active Passive Polity-Preamble and features of constitution
4 July Geometry Properties of triangle Statement & Conclusions Phrase Substitution Polity- Union Territories and citizenship
5 July Geometry Centers Of Triangle Venn Diagram Synonyms Polity-Fundamental Right and Duties
6 July Geometry Concurrency of triangle Previous Year Questions Previous Year Questions, vocab Polity-The state executive and legislature
7 July Revision Or clear the back logs Revision Or clear the back logs Revision Or clear the back logs Revision Or clear the back logs
8 July Geometry Similar triangles Syllogism Sentence Improvement Geography
9 July Geometry Chords and circles Number Series Direct Indirect Geography
10 July Geometry Tangent theorem Misc. Quiz Misc. Quiz Geography
11 July Trigonometry Trigonometric Identities 1 Trigonometry Questions Blood relations Idioms & Phrases Geography
12 July Trigonometry Trigonometric Identities 2 Alphanumeric Series Error Detection History-Ancient History
13 July Trigonometry Difficult Questions Previous Year Questions Previous Year Questions History-Ancient History
14 July Revision Or clear the back logs Revision Or clear the back logs Revision Or clear the back logs Revision Or clear the back logs
15 July Geometry Properties of Quadrilaterals Ranking One word Substitutions History-Ancient History
16 July Geometry Difficult Questions Analogy Spelling Correction History-Medieval India
17 July Geometry Polygon Difficult Questions Non-Verbal Sentence Improvement History-Medieval India
18 July Mensuration Area of Quadrilaterals 1 + Questions Directions Sense Fill Ups History-Medieval India
19 July Mensuration Difficult Questions Mathematical Calculations Synonyms History-Modern India
20 July Mensuration Area of Quadrilaterals 2 + Questions Previous Year Questions Previous Year Questions History-Modern India
21 July Revision Or clear the back logs Revision Or clear the back logs Revision Or clear the back logs Revision Or clear the back logs
22 July Mensuration 3D + Questions Odd One Out Sentence Rearrangemen History-Modern India
23 July Mensuration Difficult Questions Matrix Antonyms Economy
24 July Revision Misc. Quiz Misc. Quiz Economy

Important Note: SSC repeats its questions!
Having done the inspection of previous year SSC CGL Examination, the chances of repetition of questions in almost all sections are lucid. It is, therefore, necessary to solve Previous Year Papers. This exam demands exhaustive preparation with complete dedication. Let’s be together to work out on your dreams.